At Auto Elite Group we encourage our customers to give us feedback on there experience with us! It now only helps you as a potential customer get a feel for what we do but also keeps us striving for perfection. We are always trying to improve and make your experience one that you will always remember!

George G.

The Auto Elite Group was the easiest car buying experience ever. I flew in they picked me up from the airport. Mackenzie was very accommodating and the car was everything that he had explained it was and even more. I am very pleased with my 2008 Range Rover, for me I'd rather buy a slightly used car and get an amazing deal than give my money to the big dealerships. I love the Rover and I made it back home safe and secure. I will come back to auto elite for my next ride. Thanks again George from VA

Jeremy D.

The Auto Elite Group really helped me find the right Escalade at the right price. This was possibly the most enjoyable car purchase I had ever had. The truck was everything that it was described as and I am glad I had purchased the Cadillac from them. I would definitely come back for my next purchase. Thank You Jeremy P. West Palm Beach, FL

Felix A.

I was on the hunt and looking for my new ZO6 Corvette for months and then I stumbled on this amazing machine on the inteet. I am so happy I found the Auto Elite Group and that I now have a new home for her and she is my new baby! Thanks again Mackenzie for everything! Felix A. Wellington, FL

Ben H.

The experience to expect from the Auto Elite Group!


What can I say? I was referred to Mackenzie from a friend. He came to my house to look at my Bentley that I wanted to list for sale and had listed it on my own but was not getting any actual activity. Mackenzie explained the process to me and how he could get me more money than just selling to one of these big franchise dealers. He took so many photos, and presented her so nicely with such class. We sold the car, as I knew we would and I was happy with the price. But, most importantly is how my car and everything was handled professionally and timely. They are a real class act!

Matt G.

I was in the market for a ZO6. I came across one they had for sale, beautiful red with black accents. I was confident in the pictures and videos that were displayed on ebay they were excellent photos and when my new Corvette arrived to Long Island, I called and thanked them for the amazing corvette I had purchased. It was even better looking in person than in the pics.

Jay T.

Mackenzie was able to find me my new dream car, a 2016 SL63 AMG Coupe. I new what I wanted but did not want to just walk into the big dealerships and pay the big price tags. Not only did Mackenzie find my car, he was able to get the car in, get me a better deal than I could have received just trying to find one on the inteet and he also is fully customizing it for me. This is trully a one stop shop that believes in full service. They orchestrated everything for me from tint, to custom wheels, to black accents. The whole car is transformed just the way I envisioned it and I am glad I trusted Auto Elite Group to take care of me. Thank you!

Bill N.

Well, I was hunting around one day for a ZO6 Corvette. I was surprised to see Mackenzie had half a dozen to choose from. It was like I was in Corvette Heaven! I had been searching and searching and found him in Palm beach and was excited because it was right in my back yard. It was exactly what I had wanted Black on black, low miles a few modifications done to it, tastefully of course. Well Immediately I went around the building to Horse Power Sales and they built the car of my dreams. I brought that car to many track events and just had a blast getting to drive it and lea it technically. I have since, bought and sold many cars with Mackenzie, in fact he sold me my first Porsche and we are just having a blast with all the cars we have purchased and sold throughout the years with Mackenzie.

John from TX

I purchased my 2008 911 Turbo Cabriolet from Auto Elite Group. I knew right off the bat when I talked to Mackenzie the first time that the car was what it was in the ad online. I still wanted to come and see the car so I booked a plane ticket into West Palm. Mackenzie picked me up in the porsche for the airport. I have never had so much fun buying a car. We drove down the coast, with the top down, just getting to know the car. It was everything that I saw in the photos and I even had a few things done and they totally took care of me. I had a few extra things done because I knew once I got it I just wanted to drive it from here to califoia where I also live. So, I had a clear bra done, a full tune from rentech, and I was off to the races. I enjoy my porsche very much and I am happy I made the purchase!


When it comes to buying a car, my experience with car salesmen makes me prefer going to the dentist! Not so with the Auto Elite Group! They were kind, professional and did not have pressure way of selling! Mackenzie was Awesome and helped with financing! If you want a pleasant experience buying a car go to the Auto Elite Group!