The Auto Elite Group Invites you to consign your vehicle with us!

The Auto Elite Group located in West Palm Beach, FL is proud to offer our indoor facility to you and all of its amenities to offer your vehicle for sale. Consigning with us to sell for you not only relieves you of the stress involved with the timely and costly process of the sale itself, but allows you to take advantage of our facility, reputation, and our standard proven sales procedures that we have in place to not only present your car in the best way but also get more money for it.

We relieve the burden of you having to deal with the schedules of prospective buyer's, sales emails, questions, showings and also the no showings of the public. It's always the most fun when purchasing your next vehicle and we understand what it takes to make the sale happen and relieve that financial, timely, stressful burden of the sales process. We work with lenders, and other institutions to ensure the sale is executed properly.

So why consign your car with us and why is it in your benefit?

Other than the few reasons mentioned above, the consignment method can make your vehicle sale much more effective and in many cases, more profitable to you the seller. The biggest difference between you and us selling your car is the attention your vehicle will receive. The marketing alone by us is extremely thorough, your automobile will be placed for sale on a number of online sales websites, i.e. ebay, our website, local websites, and other websites that we currently have in place for our current inventory. The advantage is we have a tried and proven system in place, we have the staff to support the sales, we have the web sites, the digital online marketing, the photography, the detailing, the reconditioning all in place. It will be professionally photographed with a minimum of 100 pictures with videos uploaded etc.. all high resolution. Being stored indoors directly after being detailed and photographed,  it will always be clean and detailed ready to be shown at any given time. Our staff is available to show your car seven days a week, and we answer calls 24 hours a day (this is a huge part of selling as most private sellers are not able to attend to calls coming in on their car for sale). We can get people financed to buy your car in house through banks we cooperate with that specialize in the types of cars we carry. All of these reasons combined allow us to get the most value for your automobile.

How is my vehicles value determined?

Bottom line, your vehicle consigned with us is still your vehicle and you set the final price, we will assist you with our extensive market knowledge to put a price on your car that will yield a sale that is timely and doesn’t leave any money on the table.

What does this service cost?

Our services are based on a percentage of the sale, this is a sliding scale depending on the car and the price,10% of the final sale amount. Unlike many other consignment brokers, we do not charge a monthly fee during our consignment contract. From your high end exotic, to your daily driver sedan, give us a chance to show you how our services can make your life easier.